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POMA Systems

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Assembly systems

Complete systems for industrial assembly operations

Creating partial and full automation

Our range of products covers the full gamut of all stages of automation: fully automated assembly cells, rotary systems and linearly linked assembly equipment. It also includes partially automated manual workstations where human work is also involved.


Articulated- arm and SCARA robots from well-known OEM manufacturers are integrated as required.  Our core market focus is on the automotive and supplier industry.  POMA assembly systems are used to automate any number of complex, typical assembly tasks and elementary functions of component handling, such as joining, machining, marking and testing.


The individual functions
  • Joining functions: flanging, force fitting, gluing, laser welding, ultrasound welding, screwing
  • Machining and marking functions: filling, greasing, laser lettering, stamping, etching, grinding, punching, bending, printing
  • Handling functions: fitting parts, storing, palletising, separating, conveying