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Media changing

Handling paints

Example of a color changer with air-solvent unit

Our color changers are precision parts and like all of our components are optimised for quick color changes. Our product range includes single color changers, double color changers, star color changers and inline color changers. All components are generally made of stainless steel. Precision valve borings ensure that the paint valves are long lasting and switch reliably. For flushing the color changers we offer air/solvent units and power cleaners.

Single color changers

Modular, scalable units, each for two colors. The switching is done inside the distributor block via pneumatically powered paint valves with or without a switching display. The paint connectors are available in a variety of hose sizes. We sell single color changers for use in static or circulatory lines.

Double / A-B color changers

Modular, scalable 2-channel units for colors switched in alternation. Other features are the same as the single changers.

Star color changers

Modular, scalable units, each for four paint valves in a star-shaped arrangement. Switching inside the distributor block via needle valves with switching display.

Inline color changers

Modular, scalable units, each for one or two paint valves, which are arranged in linear format (i.e. inline) on the pipeline circuit. We offer two variants with different pipeline diameters: 8-18mm (up to 15 bar circuit pipeline pressure) and 20-32mm (up to 25 bar circuit pipeline pressure). Piggable inline color changers are available on request.

Custom builds

On request, we will also construct color changers to suit your special requirements.



2-component mixers are used to feed and perfectly mix two components, such as paint and hardener. The mixer elements are designed as scalable modules and can be configured with varying hose connections.  We sell a variety of static mixer elements in stainless steel and plastic. 2-component mixers can be built into paint application cabinets or mounted onto the processor arm of painter robots.

How the mixers work

The media in 2-component mixers are released via valves with or without a switching display. The mixers have two separate channels that merge together at the entrance to the mixer pipe. Integrated non-return valves in the paths of both paint and hardener stop any of the mixed substance flowing back and ensure clear separation between mixed and unmixed materials. Mixer pipes are available in a variety of sizes.