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POMA Systems

Between desire and reality are many hidden steps

Screw connectors

Clever modular concept

Extensions, angle pieces and small-part connections are easier to think up than achieve. In fact, you never seem to have enough of such parts to hand. Connectors as well as connection seats in the valve blocks are designed to be free of any undercut. This consequent avoidance of lairs in the complete medium system allows the fast flushing of the system with sparing use of cleaning agent by excellent results.

All connectors are produced in stainless steel. Leaky connectors or wrecked threads are not a topic by using POMA components. Cone-shaped connectors and seats allow omitting all additional o-seals. This eases the installation and maintenance significantly.

Product overview
  • Straight screw connectors
    • Reductions
    • Extensions
  • Elbow screw connectors
    • rotatable
    • lockable
  • Bulkhead connector
  • Special screw connectors
    • Screwed joint 360°
    • Distribution connector
  • Hose-nut
  • Plug connectors
    • L-form
    • T-form
    • Y-form