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POMA Systems

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Dosing systems

With dosing systems by POMA Systems you get perfect results in dosage and mixing of multi-component media – optimal for correct overall outcome. 2K- and 3K-Dosing systems for reliable mixing and admeasurement of multi-component media.

It's all in the dose

For POMA Systems, rendering media perfect for dosing means employing liquid media efficiently and sparingly. However, perfect media dosing also contributes to environmental protection and means optimising economy. In other words, less is not more in this case, but precisely what we intended.

Our gear dosing pump units have been developed specially for the vehicle manufacturing and automotive supplier industry. They are designed for water-based paints, solvent paints and foaming media. We provide both flushable and non-flushable pumps. On the flushable pumps the shaft and gears are flushed separately via a bypass. The pump block brackets are made of aluminium with stainless steel inserts in the areas that convey paint. A diverse range is available of pressure sensors and pressure sensor blocks.