• Zahnraddosierpumpe Ausführung Standard
  • Materialdruckregler für Medienwechsler
  • Materialdruckregler Reglerleisten
  • Rücklaufkontrollregler
  • Materialdruckregler für Ringleitung

POMA Systems

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Media dosing

Gear pump units

Our gear pump units have been developed specially for the vehicle manufacturing and automotive supplier industry. They are designed for water-based paints, solvent paints and foaming media. We provide both flushable and non-flushable pumps. On the flushable pumps the shaft and gears are flushed separately via a bypass. The pump block brackets are made of aluminium with stainless steel inserts in the areas that convey paint. A diverse range is available of pressure sensors and pressure sensor blocks.

Gear precision and perfect finish

The gear pumps’ casing panels, gears, shafts and drive axles are made of high-alloy rust-resistant stainless steel (material numbers 1.4571 and 1.4112). On request, the gears, shafts and drive axles can also be ADLC coated.

Gear dosing pump variants
  • Gear dosing pumps - flushable
    • With flush adapter
    • ADLC-coated
    • Optional: Pump rotation right or left
  • Gear dosing pumps – non-flushable
    • ADLC-coated
    • Optional: Pump rotation right or left


Material pressure regulators

Material pressure regulators regulate the pressure and thus indirectly the volume of liquid media, e.g. paint or solvent, conveyed. Regulator types: There are spring-actuated and pneumatic material pressure regulators both for color changers and pipeline circuits. Pressure regulators for color changers regulate the primary pressure of gear dosing pumps and other dosing systems, while pressure regulators for pipeline circuits regulate the loss / run-back.

Pneumatic pressure regulators are membrane regulators. Control air and medium are separated from each other by two membranes. If the membrane on the medium side bleeds, the barrier membrane protects the control air system from penetration by the medium and vice versa.

Material pressure regulators and return control regulators for pipeline circuits
  • Spring-actuated or pneumatic
  • Available in two different flow capacity sizes
  • Pressure range of 1-15 or 1-8 bar (when spring actuated)
  • Transmission ratio of 1:1 or 1:3 (when pneumatically actuated)
Material pressure regulators for color changers
  • Spring-actuated or pneumatic
  • Available in sizes 0.1, 1 and 2
  • Transmission ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (when pneumatically actuated)


Split system manometers

POMA split system manometers are used with great success in the paint shop industry. When standard manometers are used the paint gets into the manometer’s springs and soon causes it to stop working. Our in-built separating system means that the manometer does not come into contact with the paint and cannot thus be damaged by it.