• ESTA Schrank Potentialtrennung

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Potential separation systems

Forward-looking technology

Potential separation ESTApro

The required potential separation for the use of water-based paint and ESTA atomizer with interior charge is a future-oriented development by POMA Systems. With external gear pumps the advantages of the POMA Systems PSS – Reflow together with the potential separation are combined in one system. The ESTA System works in the AB technology, whereby the required, at high-voltage potential located paint volume, is hold for painting in a volume compensation.

  • No cartridges or coating cylinder, no color carry-over
  • Water-based paint from an earthed paint supply
  • Flushing of the atomizer at high voltage level
  • Pulsation-free, continuous paint supply at the atomizer
  • Better use of the pig system
  • Mechanical separation by pneumatic linear technique
  • Rapid change modules for docking stations
    • Gear pump unit
    • Color changer unit
    • Loading magazine unit
    • PSS-Unit
    • ISObox-Unit
  • Fast color change
  • Smallest color loss, reduced solvent consumption
  • Maintenance-friendly, modular construction
  • External gear pumps
  • Isolated construction of application technology on the robot arm (ca. 20 kg)