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POMA Systems

Between desire and reality are many hidden steps

Control technology

Machine = Hardware + Software

Mechanical engineering today makes increasing demands on electronics and IT. Software is squeezing out hardware. Physical objects like cars are thus increasingly transforming themselves in many respects into abstract software. POMA’s engineers are specialised to a high degree in measurement and control technology. This know-how is utilised in an extremely wide range of areas. While robotics, for instance, requires specific knowledge in kinematics and mechanics, these are skills that without extensive expertise in measurement and control are nevertheless not sufficient.

Performance characteristics of POMA Systems

Control technology

  • E-planning
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Controls (Simatic S7, Beckhoff Soft SPS / Twincat)
  • Programming (Microsoft.net)
  • Process visualization
  • Commissioning

Paint system control ColorApp

  • Paint control for parameterizing of paint shops: Creation of time – or event-driven processes
  • Interface to SPS, e.g. Siemens S7
  • Interface to visualization solutions, such as
    • Wonderware / Intouch, Indusoft or Siemens
    • WinCCflexible, Xenon / Copadata
  • Parameter data are stored in the database