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Pig systems

The use of pig systems in painting facilities optimises economy - via short paint changing times and the recovery of material.

For POMA Systems, too, liquids do not automatically flow backwards. However, with our pig technology we return the valuable paints and hardeners to the supply units in optimal purity or remove the excess pipe content from the piping systems with minimal loss, quickly and without residue.

"Circuit for diligent pigs"

Hard workers in the system - soft pigs clean the system in circular pipelines and transport surplus liquids back to material supply. Highly economical methods - with low investment and consequential costs for material.

"Isplaced by the pig"

The pig as evictor. Residual paint is used for paint application, with the soft pig transporting it over the vaporiser in a controlled manner. This pig system offers low investment costs, minimal paint loss and reductions in flushing agent requirements.

"A pig in pursuit"

The pig as the driver in the system. A soft pig transports the residual paint back to the circular pipeline or supply container. Low investment costs and consequential costs for material as well as minimal paint loss and reduced flushing agent requirements.

Animation der Molchtechnik für eine Ringleitung

Animation der Molchtechnik für die Applikationstechnik auf einem Roboterarm.