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POMA Systems

Between desire and reality are many hidden steps


Client consultancy across all engineering disciplines

POMA Systems closes the gap between concept and realisation. In many areas, modern mechanical engineering is more about abstract electronics than physical hardware. 

POMA Systems' engineers bring together expertise and experience in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and IT. We take complete responsibility for client projects through every stage from planning, construction and manufacturing, to assembly and commissioning.

What is engineering?

Precisely defining a construction design

It’s the latest buzzword in German industry. It sounds good, modern and cosmopolitan. But what exactly do we mean by the term? To us, engineering means planning and development, plus mechanical and electrical construction design. And how does construction design differ from planning? Planning is a process of creating a concept and is by nature superficial. The process of getting down to detail, to specifics starts only at the stage of construction design. This is where all the facts get buttoned down. Engineering is providing the client with technical and planning support during the development stage of a project. This is where wishes (the client’s requirements) are brought in line with factual reality (the contractor’s functional specification). It is where appropriate components are selected based on experience (!), not, for instance, simply on the manual. That, in short, is what we call ‘engineering’.