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POMA Systems

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Media atomizing

POMA Systems offers automatic paint guns for conventional compressed air vaporisation, including a complex, weight-optimised, modular system for all areas of industrial application (painting machines and all painting robot types).

Paint guns
  • Automatic paint gun
  • Quick-change adapter base
Gun adapters
  • Single and double design
  • Custom designs to client specifications
Hose package for painter robots
  • For automatic paint guns
  • For high-rotation nozzles
 Performance characteristics
  • Automatic spray gun for conventional compressed air atomization
  • Conceived for the processing of coating materials on solvents or water basis
  • Accurate and short switching frequencies
  • Very good flushability by optimized interior structure
  • Small weight
  • Fixing of the gun is made by intermediate plate or directly on the gun adapter
  • Technically sophisticated bolting of the gun for a fast gun change
  • No cutting of the o-rings by the bolting process
  • Air cap with certification
  • 90° Indexation of the air cap for horizontal or vertical beam
  • Modular system for hose packagesand gun adapters
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